Free live cricket score API for python

As we know about the Cricket and it is very Populer in all over the world so here you will learn about Cricket API Like IPL (Indian Premier League) ,Test match, T20, ODI etc .


How to use free cricket API with example

If you are developer and if you are very excited to use free cricket API in python for getting list of all current match and score then you will learn how to use Cricket API in python and it is very helpful to you.

There are two API in below which will explain with example.

  • 1 : Current Match list API
  • 2 : Score API
  • There are some below steps for fetching match list and cricket score.

    Generate API KEY free

    Click on below link . It is Cricapi website and here you need to login if you don't have account then first create cricapi account then login into this and generate Cricket API KEY.

    Generate API KEY

    Once cricket API key is generated, we will use API key with example.

    Example of List of Current Match API

    This API will work for fetch the data of all Cricket Match.,Here you will get the data like Cricket Team list , Match start time, Match has been started or not , etc .

    I am sharing the screenshot of list of current match API and just you need to import requests, json and initialize the API URL and API key . follow the steps which is shared in screenshot.


    After the complete steps. you need to json loads and keep response in variable . Now print response for getting actual cricket match list and you will see the all details like match is started or not, time, toss winner team, teams name etc. in below screenshot


    Finally you will get the details of current match but you have a lot of data list and now if you want to print list of all matches then we can fetch the match list from loop so in below screenshot I am showing first 15 match list and you can use any range or all.


    You can see some of list of current match with all details and It is dictionary data and you will notice that every dictionary have a unique_id which is very importent to you becuase that will help for fetching current score of Cricket match.

    Example of Score API

    This API will work for getting Score of all matches as if you want to know about IPL score or any other cricket score you can do with unique_id and API key , As you already know about unique_id in above.

    In below I am sharing the screenshot of getting score.


    In above screenshot you will see the all details of python code and you need to call API with valid api key and cricket URL.

    After the API call you will keep the response of API and print the response . I am sharing the screenshot which is help to you know that how can you do and also you will know how you can print cricket score.


    Finally you will get the Cricket Score and Hope you enjoy it and please comment in below if any doubt regarding free cricket API or Free IP API.

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