Samsung Refrigerator not making ice - 100% fix

If you get problem of Samsung refrigerator not making ice then you are in the right place to solve this problem.

Why is my samsung refrigerator not making ice ?

Samsung refrigerator not making ice bottom freezer ?

There are few things that can be get problem of ice maker to not work . If ice tray have a enough ice then It could be problem . If the ice maker makes cloudy, clumped, small ice then it could be something as simple as a dirty water filter, low water pressure, or high mineral deposits in your water. but no worry I will share some tips for resolve this issue .

I think most of these side by side with ice maker and things in the door this happens a lot because there's the freezer that's inside of the fridge and i think condensation just builds up and again ice maker doesn't work . It is just that there's a bunch of buildup of ice in the freezer tray that's causing the ice not to drop down into the tray. So here what you need to do just open this up take the tray out because we are gonna need to fix the whole ice maker. So a little hair dryer is all we need to defrost the ice and get this thing making ice again.

Here is a quick steps for fix Refrigerator not making ice problem.

1. take ice tray out

So when you take ice tray out then you will see the exactly the issue in just a moment.

samsung refrigerator not making ice bottom freezer

2. Take the hair dryer

3. just melt all this ice and then that will cause the ice to actually fall into the try . (then once again it will start making ice so let's go ahead and just do a quick time lapse right now of melting the ice ).

4. get it clean from cloth and out the all old ice for cleaning the ice tray.

5. let's get in there with the towel again and clean it .

6. put the ice tray back in .

that's pretty much the entire process here. and it's like new fridge now . and new freezer and new ice maker.

Note :

the biggest thing that you can do to prevent this is just keep cycling the ice like don't let the ice build up to the point where it's full because then once that happens you know the ice maker will make a little bit more ice and then it will just kind of sit here. Then every time you open and close the door too sometimes that will cause the ice to build up as well

all right guys that's the whole process. Thank you so much for reading if you have any question please comment below.

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