Setup django project in pythonanywhere

You will learn about setup of django project in pythonanywhere. which is very helpful for beginners.


Introduction of Pythonanywhere

Pythonanywhere is basically free and paid web hosting service and it is based on the python programming langauge and it is very usefull for beginner who want to learn development as a free in django python in hosting server .

Make sure you have pythonanywhere account. if you don't have please following below points .

Registration and login


Click on below link for Registration


Once you registered pythonanywhere account then click on below link for login.


You will redirect to dashboard page after the successfully logged in.

Here you will see multiple tabs and I will explain one by one of all tabs.

  • Consoles
  • Here you can write the commands and get the result immediately.

  • Files
  • You can write a program and create a file and store it in.

  • Web apps
  • Create a Website on Pythonanywhere and click open web tab to set up.

  • Notebooks
  • If you have a paid account then you can create a Jupyter Notebooks for data analysis.

  • The tabs
  • You can see the top navigation tabs and you can get the more details as separate .

    Following below steps for setup django project

    Step 1

    Click on the Web Tab and you will redirect like below page.


    Just you need to click on Add a new app for next setup.

    Step 2

    When you click on Add a new app then you will see some details. you can see on below screen.


    Here you will see some details which is regarding of domain name so if you have paid account then you can setup own domain name otherwise you can click on next button with you default domain name.

    Step 3

    Here you can select python web framework as I select Django then click on next button.


    Step 4

    Here You can select python version As I select python 3.6 version and click on next button for next step.


    Step 5

    Here You can see the default project name and directory and If you want to change Project name and Directory then you can change it .


    Once click on next button you will redirect to successfully setup page like below.


    Now You need to check Django successfully setup , just you need to click on your domain name.

    Once you click on domain name then Page should be open like below.


    Finally you will get the successfully message.

    Hope you like it , please comment if you have any doubt .

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