How to change time zone in linux

Command line for Change time zone in linux or ubuntu and convert time UTC to IST

How we can change the Time zone in linux server

In this Blog , we will know about the change time zone in linux/ubuntu .

Please follow the below steps

Install the below command line

sudo apt-get install tzdata

Once you install successfully , then you will see the below screen .

If it is not showing above screenshot then enter the below command .

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Once you enter the above command line then you will see the same things as showing in above screenshot.

Now Please select the geographic area in which you live and enter the number only , I enter 6 for select Geographic Area.

When you enter the 6 then you will see the below screenshot .

Here you will see the list of Time Zone name and you can select the time zone whatever you want , right now I am selecting kolkata time zone , so I have to enter 44 number for final change time zone .

Once you enter 44 number , then Time zone will change successfully. and when you enter date command line then you will see the IST time zone

Hope you like it , please comment if you have any doubt .

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