How to setup free Google SMTP server

It's easy to learn about google app password which will help for beginners.

setup smtp server

How can we setup free Google SMTP server ?

If you want learn above question,well you are in right place. and we will cover above question in simple way with example and screenshot.

1. Login to Gmail Account

2. Click on Manage your google account Tab

After the click then you will see the page like below

gmail settings

3. Click on Security Tab

google two step enable

Once you entered the security panel then you will see the highlighted two tab 1. Two step verification and 2. App Passwords

Note : Two step verification is mandatory and it should be ON before to generate app password . if your Two step verification is OFF then please active the google two step verification and try to generate app password.

4. Click on App Password Tab

You will see the below screen and once you enter inside of app password panel then there is two select option. first is select app and second is select device.

enter app password

5. Click on Select APP option only

When you click on select app then you will see the dropdown and it will show multiple option but you have to click on only Other (Custom name) option.

select password type

Once you click on other option then device option will be auto removed from panel.

type of google password

And now it's time to fillup the type of password and you can fill up anything else . you can see the above screenshot where i have filled up as Test Emails

6. Click on GENERATE button

Once you click on generate button then App password will generate like below screenshot

generate gmail app password

Please copy app password and take the screenshot so that you can remember it for future.

Now create a function with gmail username and app password to send free email and enjoy sending free email with your website.

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